AKRS offers John Deere Compact Utility Tractors to manage the ground for large residential as well as small farmsteads. From the 1 Series to the 4 Series and over 50 heavy duty attachments to make short work of any project, AKRS has the equipment to handle any major project.

1 Series

The compact yet versatile 1 Series allows a family to manage their outdoors while requiring minimal storage requirements. The 1 Series attachments range from 4' to 5' working widths to navigate smaller areas bigger tractors can't manage.

2 Series

The 2 Series is the preferred choice of larger property owners who require more power for projects on their land. With its small frame this tractor maneuvers tight spaces while working with attachments up to 6'.

3 Series

The standard four-wheel drive 3 Series is built on a heavy-duty frame to provide stability and extraordinary power to the ground. With attachments up to 7' in width and over 30 HP the bigger model compact can handle heavier loads and the most difficult chores.

4 Series

As the largest of the compact tractors, the 4 Series gives high-end performance and value with over 50 HP to address the multitude of projects around a homestead. Swapping attachments is fast and simple allowing you to attack different projects quickly.